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My Training Methods and Philosophy

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I could easily write a lengthy essay on how I conduct my personal training programs. Instead I will provide a brief glimpse of my training strategies and methodology.  The whole process of training sequentially includes:  fitness assessment, exercise programming, reassessment and restructuring of program. 

The fitness assessment provides information on strengths and weaknesses and posture.  The components of the assessment include: strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, posture, anthropometric (tape) and skinfold measurements.  My initial exercise programming focuses on:  safely learning movements in a controlled fashion (which helps to develop a better "mind to muscle" connection), postural correction, building a solid foundation of strength, addressing weak links (including; muscular imbalances, poor flexibility/mobility, weak grip and core strength), and focusing primarily on compound lifting.    These programs may run anywhere from 4-12 weeks before a reassessment is performed. 

The assessment provides feedback on the effectiveness of the program.   I use this information to restructure training or devise a new plan if necessary.  Tweaks may include: changing repetition scheme and tempo of lifts, progression of exercises (ex. adding resistance using strength bands, unilateral lifts, unstable lifts (eg. bottoms up kettlebell presses), or adding “exotic” exercises. 
Here are some bullet points of some of my training philosophies and beliefs.

  • Focus on the basics. Simplify training.  No need to jump from program to program.  
  • Build a strength foundation by mastering compound movements.
  • Consistency and persistence/perseverance trumps intensity.
  • Focus on exercise performance and body composition will almost always follow.  
  • Undulate training (use periodization) with progressions and regressions.  You will not break personal records every training session. It is important to take steps back. Success and performance does not occur linearly.
  • Focus on your own improvements and never compare yourself with anyone else. You are your best competition. 
  • Recovery is as important as training. Rest and mediate and come back stronger.
  • If I do not feel like I am best suited for a potential client I will refer them to someone who specializes in the appropriate field of expertise.  I truly want you to achieve your goals in the most safe and efficient way possible.




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