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Eric was a fellow student at York University in the kinesiology program. He has been a great motivator and mentor when it comes to fitness. It's a pleasure to have his input whenever I set up my exercise programs. With his guidance, I have achieved fantastic results in toning and weight loss!

- Rita Troia, B.A., RMT

Clinic Director of Complete Integrative Care



Three months ago I went to Eric with the desire to make some positive changes to my lifestyle and habits. Committed to the cause but unsure of where to begin, it was Eric’s expertise and enthusiasm that quickly set me off on the right foot, and which continues to guide and inspire me as I get closer to achieving my fitness goals. Eric’s a great guy with a positive attitude who is clearly passionate about fitness. His expertise in areas outside the confines of the gym, (diet & nutrition), have also contributed to the very noticeable results I’ve seen in just three short months. The stats don’t lie:

Overall weight loss – 10lbs

Inches around waist lost – 2”

Inches around hips lost – 2”

Body Fat Percentage - dropped 9%

If you’re looking to make similar changes and are prepared to commit to and work for it, Eric’s your guy, he won’t let you down!

Update - 6 months later, my progress continues...


weight loss success


- Marc Leardi

Project Manager of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group



Being in my fifties with an expanding waistline and high blood pressure I contacted Eric for help.  With his training, guidance, and motivation to support me, I have, within 4 months, reduced my waistline by 2.5 inches and normalized my blood pressure (without medication).  Eric's knowledge and expertise keeps the training sessions interesting and challenging.  I look forward to our ongoing sessions.  Thanks Eric.  I feel great!

- Paul G. West, CA

Vice President of RBC Wealth Management



Thanks alot for all the hard work you put into training me.  Your dedication made it easy to get up and go to the gym at 6am and to stay motivated and stick with it. I am definitely more toned and fit.  I have more energy.  I look better in my clothes.

- Dr. Andrew Plaitis

Owner of Metropolitan Dental and Roncesvalles Dental Centre





- Behnam Rad, Mechanical Engineer

(Founder of Sigma Process)



Eric is dedicated to his training. He has helped me lose over 4 inches off my waist over the past several months. His cardio training is intense and has variety. He always makes me wear a heart rate monitor to ensure I am pushing myself. He keeps checks on my eating habits and lifestyle to keep me on track. I am constantly learning new things about fitness and nutrition from him. He is one of the most knowledgeable fitness trainers you can find.

- Marijana Gronfeldt



I recently read somewhere something that stuck with me: "if you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur!" So true! 

I decided to hire a trainer and, after asking everyone I know for references, I started my own research. You may think it's easy to find a personal trainer since there are so many out there! I have very high standards and I didn't just want anyone with a weekend-long course and big muscles. After many evenings perusing the net, I found him! He actually has a university degree along with other courses he completed. He is perhaps the most passionate person about his job I came across in a long time. His enthusiasm is contagious! He is also very professional, organized, serious and hard working. I was impressed from the first time we met. He provides a butt-kicking, customized to your needs workout that has variety and, if that doesn't already rock your world, he bombards you with lots of articles and info regarding nutrition. And if you ask a question, you don't just get a 2-line answer. You get an eloquent and articulate response that shows he knows what he's talking about and has an informed opinion about the subject.
I love my new trainer! I gave myself a nice pat on the back for doing such a great job finding him. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Eric  Astrauskas!

- D.P.



After a diagnosis of early hypertension, and feeling unsure on how to continue with my fitness programing, I decided to seek professional help. I’ve worked with Eric over the last year – he is knowledgeable, attentive, and knows my abilities and limits before even I do.  Every workout is a greater challenge from the previous and every time sees a new personal best.  Week after week, I have seen huge improvements in strength and endurance that over 3 months have resulted in a 6% drop in body fat, 1.5 inches off my waist, and 2 inches added to chest and shoulders!  My resting heart rate and blood pressure are lower, and overall I have more energy.

Eric is able to adapt my small condo gym to do almost anything, and is always mixing up the workouts to keep them interesting.  He has great tips on nutrition and is with me every step of the way to make sure I get in two more reps or go 10 seconds longer to go that extra distance and get results.  I strongly recommend Eric for anyone stuck in their fitness programming or wanting a new challenge and helping hand in reaching their fitness goals.  Looking forward to working with Eric on my next set of goals!

- Michael Leventis, MSc.,

Director of Stress Testing, BMO Financial Group



home fitness training toronto

Eric has always been an excellent source of information! He is great at structuring and fine-tuning programs. His knowledge is current and he has helped me with my bodybuilding and nutrition choices. Much thanks!

- Sam Engelking

Head Photographer of Now Magazine




in home personal trainer toronto

The assistance Eric has provided in changing my lifestyle has been invaluable. He has helped me set goals and created programs for me to gain mass. I had a very difficult time gaining muscle due to my body type and genetics, but with my various power training programs and proper nutrition, I am making great progress. Thanks for your direction and expertise!

- Farzad Zahedi



I have been working out with Eric for almost three years and he excels in his ability to motive me to continue even when it would be easy to find an excuse not to. He is focused on switching it up, especially when the seasonal change in weather brings about opportunities to be outdoors getting exercise. He is devoted to his craft and makes working out enjoyable

Richard Deslauriers, B.A.

Senior Account Executive, Jones Deslauriers



I started getting really overweight in the winter months, and wasn’t quite active enough during the summer to tip the scales back again.  I began having a hard time reaching my toes in the shower and thought, no, that’s no good.  Eric has been flexible enough to let me work out indoors or outdoors, and has shown real creativity in making sure wherever we work out, we get to everything we should. I had difficulty reaching my toes in the shower and thought, no, that’s no good.  I found Eric, and now I can reach my toes and carry around 400 lb bars of soap if I want!

- Darryl Erickson



I have been working out with Eric for 6 months. I am 30 years old and feel like I'm 20. My belly is flat. My arms are tight, my shoulders are cut, and my waist is slim. Best of all, I can run for 30 minutes straight, when, before, I could barely make half a kilometer without keeling over. Eric is patient with me, and, better, he works out WITH me to keep me motivated. Our High Park sessions are the most exhilarating and challenging, and include hill runs and slides, all with a scenic view! Thanks to Eric, I am more confident with my body type, and can actually laugh, instead of cry, when doing my last set of crunches.

- Laryssa Chmil, M.A.

English Teacher at TCDSB



I have been training with Eric for about 1 year now. I am very pleased with his training program. His patience and dedication helps me to keep motivated. Working out in the gym can be quite frustrating at times but Eric makes it less boring by changing the routine of exercises and pushing my limits so that I can reach my goals in a shorter period. His knowledge also helps me to understand better about my workout and he always helps me choose a healthy diet and point out to what to eat and not to eat in my daily meal plan. I would highly recommend him for anyone who likes to get into better shape and feel good about themselves.

- Mehmet Sen

Owner of Adelphia Tours and Art Square Cafe



Eric is personable, intelligent, and innovative. As an older adult I appreciate his willingness and capacity to adapt. And the work is fun... mostly :)

- Dr. Bill Wehrspann, Psychiatrist



I have been working with Eric since this spring for my health improvement in general. Particularly I needed to increase my strength, flexibility, and stability since I am getting older. Eric is very patient with me, and his training encouraged me a lot with his energy and sensitivity. When I asked a question, he quickly responded with a clear answer backed by his knowledge and experience. Professional, friendly, Eric always tries to do his best. I have no hesitation to recommend him to be your personal trainer.

- Retired Teacher, Y.H.



Over a couple years of training, Eric provided me with a foundation that has been vital for my physical health. In his sessions, he brings immense knowledge and talent to the table. He is extremely versatile, in that he can adjust his sessions in accordance to your goals and inclinations. Most importantly, he genuinely cares for his clients' success, ensuring that they perform as well as possible under their given regimen. Eric's empathetic, personal approach, along with his passion for training, is something we should all seek in our trainers. Thank you for the phenomenal work, Eric!

- Adam Clasky



While performing necessary requirements to become a certified personal trainer, I hired Eric for several sessions to act as a mentor.  I was definitely very impressed with Eric's extensive knowledge of exercise and training principles.  I would recommend him highly to anyone at any fitness level looking for an incredibly motivating trainer who offers enthusiastic commitment to his clients.  Eric definitely knows his stuff, providing me with invaluable advise and inspiration to become a first-rate trainer!

- Rob McKenzie, P.T.



Training with Eric definetly pays off. I noticed amazing results within weeks.   I am stronger, and faster, and more confident about my body than in the past.  Eric helped me create a better fitness lifestyle.  The training is very intense and requires a lot of focus and no time is wasted. The training also revolves around variety of extreme exercises (don’t expect to do the same stuff every time).  I cannot overstate the value of a proper workout that Eric provides. 

-Sergei Petrik



Eric is the real deal, he's got a wealth of knowledge and is one of the best trainers I know. He's very passionate about what he does and as a trainer he is very motivating and dedicated to you and your goals. Eric helped me feel comfortable and allowed me to gain my self confidence back, he really made my goals his own. I highly recommend him.

- Tyler Griffin



I have known Eric Astrauskas to be a young man of rare intelligence, strength, integrity, and courage. I highly recommend him for consultations and teaching appointments in the health and fitness industry, in Ontario

- Wade Nassar,

Professor at Seneca College



.Eric is a great personal trainer. He is attentive to your fitness needs and goals and tailors the training regime for you. Highly recommended!

- Jon Ujkani, BCompSc, MBA

Solution Architect


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