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Exercise Tips


Favourite Kettlebell Exercises

By Eric Astrauskas, Spec. Hons. B.A. (Kinesiology), P.T.S.

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Turkish Get-ups

The Turkish Get-up is a great compound exercise that requires the use of shoulders and shoulder stabilizers, abdominals, and legs. It is one of those exercises that look easy but it incredibly difficult. I recommend beginners to start with a 15lb or 20lb kettlebell. Practice this complex lift without weight first. The front foot should be fixed throughout the movement. Keep your eye on the kettlebell.




Clean and Press

The clean and press makes use of glutes and shoulders. Use forward hip snap to get the kettlebell to the rack position with your arm in tight to your body with elbow above hip. Press overhead and use legs if using a heavy weight.




Kettlebell swings are a good preparation and a safer alternative for deadlifts. They help you utilize your hip snap. Important to use hips to swing weight up and do not lift with shoulders/arm. Make sure you are dropping your body down when the weight is starting its downward motion to avoid lower back and shoulder injury.




The windmill works your obliques and glutes. Key points are to keep your eye on the kettlebell throughout and to point your butt out to side when reaching to the floor.



Renegade Row

The renegade row is another great compound exercise. This exercise works the latissimus dorsi, and core stabilization muscles. This exercise requires a lot of balance and a strong core. Start with a light weight as this is another exercise that looks easier than it is.




Crush Curl

The crush curl works the biceps and chest. Squeeze two kettlebells together and curl. By squeezing the kettlebells together you are getting an isometric contraction of the pectoris major.




For the best instruction of many other kettlebell exercises I highly recommend anything by IKFF President and kettlebell guru Steve Cotter. Check out my interview with him here



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