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Favourite Whole Body Stretches

Videos Compiled By Eric Astrauskas, Spec. Hons. B.A. (Kinesiology), P.T.S.

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stretching exercises


Here are some of my favourite stretches. Perform these stretches after a training session. You want to do dynamic, moving stretches before strength training and static exercises (like the ones below) following exercise.



Foot Stretch



Calf stretch



Tibialis stretch



Quad stretch



Hamstring stretch



IT Band stretch



Inner thigh stretch



Piriformis stretch



Hip flexor stretch


Abdominal stretch



Oblique stretch



Lower back stretch



Neck stretch



Upper Trapezius stretch



Lat stretch



Chest stretch



Shoulder stretch



Rotator cuff stretch



Triceps stretch



Biceps stretch



Forearm Stretch



The following are my recommended reference materials for foam rolling therapy and flexibility training: The Foam Rolling Bible , Total Foam Rolling Techniques , Foam Roller Workbook , Delavier's Stretching Anatomy , Prescriptive Stretching , Stretch to Win



Personal Trainer in Toronto

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