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Exercise Tips


Favourite Resistance Band Exercises

resistance bands, bodylastics

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Tricep extensions, overhead and kickbacks(targets triceps)


Bicep curls, straight arm and standard (targets biceps)


Shoulder Press (targets anterior and medial deltoids)



Side Raises (targets medial deltoids) and Front Raises (targets anterior deltoids)



Internal Rotation (targets rotator cuff muscles)



External Rotation (targets rotator cuff muscles)



Reverse Fly (targets read deltoids and rhomboids)



Upright Row (targets upper trapezius)



Side Row/Bent Row (targets lats)



Pulldowns, straight arm and standard (targets lats)



Chest Press (targets pecs)



Chest Fly (targets inner pecs)



Lunge (targets quads and glutes)



Hip adduction (inner thigh)



Hip abduction (glutes)



Woodchopper (targets obliques)



Resisted crunch (targets abdominals)



Here are some good reference materials for resistance band training:

Resistance Band Workbook: Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide to Stretching, Strengthening, and Rehabilitative Techniques

Resistance Band Training


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