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Below is the equipment you will need to perform the following exercises. I have listed the best quality gear for the best prices.

Barbell Set, Squat stand, Power Block Dumbbells, Weight Bench, Pull-Up Bar, Dip bar or Equalizers, Resistance band set, Stability ball, Power Wheel, Ab Slings, Strength bands, Medicine ball, Forearm developer



Chest Exercises

chest exercises


Back Exercises

back exercises


Shoulders and Rotator Cuff Exercises

shoulders and rotator cuff exercises


Triceps Exercises

triceps exercises


Biceps Exercises

biceps exercises


Forearm Exercises

forearms exercises


Abs and Obliques Exercises

abs exercises


Legs and Glutes Exercises

legs and butt exercises

*Personal Trainer in Toronto and those associated with are not held liable for any injury sustained during exercise. Please consult a medical doctor before starting any exercise program.





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